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West Rock formerly MeadWest Vaco Headquarters

Richmond, Virginia

Foundry Park I, LLC


MSTSD, designed this signature 310,000 sf,$80,000,000, nine story Class A building for MeadWestVaco (MWV), resulting from the merger of a packaging and paper company. One of the rewarding opportunities of this project was working with individuals from both firms to design a collaborative workplace environment, which merged each firm’s requirements, yet provide unique spaces to continue to serve individual workplace needs. This corporate headquarters also includes two amenity levels which offer a cafeteria, conference area, training facility and fitness center.

The glass lobby connects the amenity levels, landscaped terrace, auto court and seven level parking deck. This two story glass space runs along the entire length of the 30,000 sf footprint stepping down 40 feet to the James River, providing for chance encounters, collaboration and rejuvenation. Renewable wood veneer in the public spaces is harvested from MWV property. Inserts cast into the terrazzo floor and interactive display panels reinforce a branding identity for this corporate user.

Through the project’s sustainability goals, the project achieved a Green Globe 4 Certification. Features include the following: (1) high performance low-E glass, (2) aluminum sun screens, (3) high efficiency lighting design, (4) a high albedo membrane roof (5) xeroscape hardscape on terrace levels, (6) controls for energy management systems, (7) renewable interior finishes, (8) water conserving fixtures, (9) low-nox boilers and furnaces, (10) recycled materials, (11) submetering, (12) structured parking, and (13) renewable wood veneer harvested from MWV property.

The MeadWestvaco Headquarters building is a superb example of a high-performance green building and is the most outstanding example of a green building experienced by the assessor since the initiation of the green building movement in the U.S. … The building has access to a wealth of opportunities for employees to maintain a high level of healthy living. … In this respect it is one of the few projects that successfully address the social component of sustainability.

Charles J. Kibert, Ph.D., P.E., Cross Creek Initiative, Inc.