The District at CoolSprings Galleria

Franklin, Tennessee

Client: CBL & Associates Properties


The redevelopment and expansion of this regional mall, establishes a new fashion flagship in metropolitan Nashville, Tennessee. The creation of The District at CoolSprings Galleria, re-imagined an abandoned Sear store and loading dock, creating a new sophisticated mall entry and identity. The $20M expansion of the mall provided a new H&M tenant space and broadened the tenant base with a new outlying building. The expansion is designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing mall design, while the new entry celebrates the rich history and culture of the surrounding Middle Tennessee Region with regional design elements. Architectural elements of this redeveloped include the following:

  • Modern simplicity to meet the demands of the high-end shopper
  • Outdoor living room with canopied walkways, trellises and green screen arbors
  • Raised planter beds with indigenous plants and green walls to soften building elevations
  • Equestrian-style architectural elements reflective of the area’s history and current culture