CCP Games

Atlanta, Georgia

Client:  CCP Games


CCP Games is a interior fit-up of the three top floors, totaling 37,000 square feet, within an existing Class A office building. The programing and design mission was to create an international, high-tech work environment that reflected the identity of CCP, an innovative company in worldwide interactive entertainment. The project’s design details reflect a euro-industrial aesthetic of high ceilings, exposed structure and ductwork, track lighting, and hardwood floors throughout the common areas and open studios, creating a dynamic work space for this innovation company.

Located on the western side of the building, a Main Street provides a light-filled connective seven foot wide walkway offering views of downtown Atlanta and is designated as a activity zone for circulation. This social zone will foster a living laboratory for the exchange of spontaneous ideas. This light-filled space provides a means of escape and provides respite from the long hours at the studio computers. This area also includes conference rooms, scrum area, coffee bar and lounge seating. The Studio Levels are designed with flexible, studios in response to the collaborative project oriented work teams of CCP and the 7th floor Social Level provides a first impression lobby, cafeteria, recreational space and executive offices. A central communicating stair connects all three levels. This office space was programmed and designed to accommodate 250 employees.