1776 Peachtree Street

Atlanta, Georgia

Client:  TPA Group


The complete renovation of this 1950’s, urban seven story office building includes creating a creative work environment which enriches the daily life of the creative professionals who work and play at 1776 Peachtree. The entire first floor is designed rich marble and reclaimed wood, as well as, other natural elements. The front lobby additionally has built in marble seating, with custom accent rugs that will serve as a executive after hours function space. The design of the space emerges with dynamic volumes, inspired by the urban setting of Atlanta. The juxtaposition of simplistic industrial materials with natural wood pays homage to Atlanta’s nickname “City in the Forest.”
The space will be equipped with WiFi, restaurants, Bistro and roof terrace which will additionally accommodate a restaurant overlooking the beautiful skyline of Atlanta. The exterior facade is designed to have the building emerge with a cleaner, more current presence. This project is currently under construction and is due to be completed at the end of 2017